Women’s Ministry

Summer Series

Week of June 15 “Free” Chapter 1
Week of June 22 “Child” Chapter 3
Week of June 29 “Saint” Chapter 4
Week of July 6 “Beautiful” Chapter 7
Week of July 13 “Worshipper” Chapter 9
Week of July 20 “Citizen” Chapter 10

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Ever used a fake ID when you were younger? Have your identity stolen? This summer we are going to ask those questions, but about our spiritual identities. Who am I, really? Who does God say I am? Do my actions reflect what He says or a fake ID I can’t let go?

The world puts a squeeze on how we want to be perceived. At times we want to blend in; other times we want to stand out. We are tempted to hide our real identity and assume a false one, not one based on who God says we are. Also, Satan steals our identities of “made in God’s image” and “loved by God” and swaps them with false ones, like “never good enough” or “failure.” Reviewing God’s Word about our true identity hushes those evil whispers.

Trinity Women’s Ministry invites you and your friends to join our summer study of the book Identity Theft. Chosen months ago, this book is even more relevant due to recent news. A microscopic virus seems to control the entire world, threatening the identity we may find in job security or social circles. COVID 19 takes away our normal routines and exposed the cracks of our worldly identities. We are super Moms humbled by on line school deadlines. We are independent women faced with financial fears. Then, cops kill George Floyd and the places where we visit, shop, and live explode in hurt and protest. Violence, injustice, and racial pain weigh heavy on us all. Moms hear Floyd’s cry for his mama ringing in their ears. Businesswomen see shop owners sweeping up glass after looters. Loving, good women wonder if they had been hurting others without even knowing it. Are our cultural blindspots that come along with our worldly identities part of the problem?

This is a great time to ask: How do I see these world events through my real ID, the one Christ gives me? Or, am I falling into the trap of choosing worldly IDs? Do I ever wear the ID of “American” over “member of God’s kingdom?” Do I find my righteousness in my identity as “daughter of God” or in labels such as Democrat, wife, popular, professional, woke, conservative, female, smart, white, Texan, wealthy, sorority girl, or athlete? If those labels become the source of your security or insecurity, then you have traded in your God-given identity for something that will not heal you nor the world around us. While these labels may be part of your identity, they cannot sum up all who you are in Christ. Because He gives us so much more.

Zoom may be your new four-letter word. Many of us are weary of connecting without being in the same room. I feel it, too. However, I want to encourage us to not grow weary of doing the good of connecting in ways we still can. Even if you don’t want to participate in all aspects of the study, consider doing some as a way to be part of your Trinity community. The same community you were a part of on Sunday afternoons at 4 before the quarantine. The same community you will sit with at Bible study this fall (Lordwilling!). The same women you visit with in the hallway outside the nursery and you laugh with at the Christmas party. Discover alongside your sisters (and hopefully some of your neighbors) how “free” is better than “trapped,” “child” is better than “abandoned.” “Beautiful” describes you more than “undesirable,” and God calls you “saint” not “a lost cause.” Instead of “super woman,” you are called “worshipper,” and you’re no longer are a “cynic,” but a “citizen of heaven.”

Sound impossible when you struggle with a temper, lust, or a loss? Let’s discover side-by side how God rips up our old fake IDs and give us new, legit ones.

Join in anytime this summer. For more information, and to get updates email communications@trinitypresfw.org and ask to be put on our Women's Ministry email list!

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