In youth ministry at Trinity, we want middle and high school students to grow in their love for God and others, through the formative practices of attending worship, reading God’s word, praying with and for others, and having fun through fellowship and service. It’s our hope that this love would spill out to their friends, families, schools, and communities here in Fort Worth.

We have lots of opportunities for students in the middle and high school range (7th – 12th grade) to get connected here at Trinity. This fall, we’re excited to have small groups twice a month after worship, monthly large groups, and plenty of fun events to get together throughout the semester. Below are some photos from various events we’ve enjoyed together. 

Feel free to reach out to John Porter, Youth Director, if you would like to attend or for more details on our upcoming gatherings & events!

His email address is john@trinitypresfw.org.